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CAIRN TERRIERS belong to our family since 2001 and from that moment on we cannot live without them anymore.
Our first cairn is a dark brindle male with a beautiful personality.
It is as if Sam can read our minds.
Not for long our second male, Body, became part of our family. He was meant as a friend to our first male, Sam.
This male developed so beautifully, that the breeder we bought him from gave us the advise to go on show.
Meanwhile Body has several titles on his name (see our dogs: Body).

Sine-en-Brigpicture Karl Donvil


In our case (as in many) buying a Cairn Terrier grew out to the love and passion we have for the breed today including all aspects like trimming, showing and breeding.
In 2007 Brigitte (succesfully) took part in the course KK1 with the purpose to gather more knowledge about dogs in general.
Our purpose is to breed healthy, beautiful Cairns with a happy character according the rules of the Dutch Cairn Terrier Club
(N.C.T.C. see our page links).
Our kennel is registered at the “Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland” in Amsterdam.
Combinations of male and female are planned by paying attention in a accurate manner to the pedigree of the parents and accomplish each others genetic qualities.


Are you interested? Give us a call or mail us.

Brigitte en Jos Peters


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