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*October 16th 2012*

Cairn Special with CAC Belgium Cairn Terrier Club
Sunday october 14th 2012 we went to Belgium with our boy Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough / Pepper and our girl Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause / Helle. Our judge was Mette Sorum, Cairn-breeder from Kennel Zalazar and Cairn Specialist from Denmark. 62 Cairns were entered.

Pepper did well and was given 1 Excellent in Open Class, Best Male,
Helle became 2 place Excellent in Champion Class.

We were very happy :-D!

Picture Eric Seegers, Thanks!

Thanks to Mette Sorum who took lots of quality-time to judge all the Cairns in a very competent, relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

Thanks to Rick Huijsecom and his volunteers who made this, well organised day, possible!;

*October 1th 2012*

A happy and sunny show-weekend…
At the Gemeinschafts-Schau organized by KFT-OG Aachen (Germany) on September 30th 2012 Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough / Pepper first became Best Male. After that he also became BOB!

Our little girl Cale Hill´s Rebel With a Cause / Helle won Championsclass and judge Mr. Robert D. Black (USA) gave her also the Reserve-CAC.

On day earlier at the CACIB-Show Maastricht Pepper became first in Intermediate Class with the qualification Excellent.
was showed in Open Class and placed 3th with an Excellent. Judge was Mrs. S. Berrecloth (GB).


*June 13th 2012*

Pepper BOB!!!
On June 1oth we were at the 25th International Dogshow in Lommel Belgium.
We were present with Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough and our girl Helle / Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause.

Pepper did a great job for he won his Intermediate Class, became Best Male and last but not least became BEST OF BREED!!! We were very happy!

Helle was doing well and got a third place in Open Class with the qualification: Excellent.

*April 11th 2012*

Helle …
alias Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause became 1st in Open Class, Best Bitch and BOB on the 23rd Special Terrier Show in Luxembourg on april 9th. With this win she became also Luxembourg Champion. Judge was mrs. Gitty Schwab from Luxembourg.

Pepper alias Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough became 3. with an Excellent in Intermediate Class.

* February 5th 2012*

Dogshow Eindhoven…
At the International Dogshow in Eindhoven, on february the 4th, Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough gained his last needed point. As of now Pepper is Dutch Youth Champion!

*January 29 2012*

Castrop Rauxel…

2012 will be remembered with very nice thoughts.

Our young boy Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough did very well. He won his -intermediate- Class with an Excellent and judge mr. H. Gruttner from Germany gave him also the qualification “Best Male”, CAC/KFT/VDH.

Our Danish girl, Helle / Cale Hill’s Rebel With a Cause did also very well. After she won Open Class the judge gave her the qualification “Best Bitch”, CAC/KFT/VDH.

Back in the ring for BOB mr. Gruttner gave the honour to Jos and Pepper.

What a day…

Pepper BOB!
Thanks Eric for making the lovely picture!

A very kind “thank you” to our Dutch, German and Belgium present breeders for their support!!!.

*January 9th 2012*

As of now Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough is German KFT Youth-Champion!

*December 21th 2011*

During the Christmas weekend Nino / Camster Cairn’s Man-O-War and Joy / Forever Joy of Highlands Origin will be a pare. We expect the puppies end of february. Nino is staying at our home now. He is a lovely boy and after just a day he has stolen our hearts!


Thank you Annette for your trust for letting us having Nino in our home!

Nino / Camster Cairn’s Man-O-War


Joy, Forever Joy of Highlands Origin

*December 12th 2011*

On the National Dogshow in Kassel, Germany, on December 10th, Helle / Cale Hill’s Rebels with a Cause became BOB, judge was mr. Andras Korozs (H). Helle was presented in Open Class.

On the second day Helle got the res. CAC/CACIB, judge mr. Peter Machetanz (D).

Our young male Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough got third on both days in Youth Class.

*November 7th 2011*


On the International Dogshow in Bleiswijk Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough became Best Youth Male.
His second Youth CAC …still one to go! Judge was mrs C.A. Ahern from Irland.

*October 30th 2011*

Bad Aachen.
At the KFT-show of the OG Bad Aachen Pepper gained a first place with an Excellent in Youth Class. Here with he got an other Youth CAC-KFT-VDH. Judge Mrs. Elisabeth Schweigart from the USA was very charmed of him and gave him a lovely judgement-report.

Helle became 4th in a very crowed Open Class (10 Females) with an Excellent.

*October 25th 2011*

It was with Helle, Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause and Pepper, Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough, that we that we went on tour to a two days dog show in Hannover.

The first day, October 22th was the KFT Dogshow of the Ortsgruppe Burgdorfer Land. Pepper got a second place in Youth Class with an Excellent and Helle gained the 1st place in Intermediate Class. Judge was mrs. Ilse Freerksen from Germany.

On our second day, October 23th, we went to the International Dogshow in Hannover. Pepper got second in Youth Class en Helle became 1st in Intermediate Class.

Thanks Ellen for presenting our little girl Helle!

It was a lovely weekend among Danish- and Dutch Cairn friends with lovely results.

*September 26th 2011*
Pepper Best Youth Male…
On the International Dogshow Maastricht on September 25th 2011 Pepper alias
Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough became Best Youth Male.
Judge was mrs. S. Weinberger from Great Brittain.

*August 3th 2011*

Shownews from Bremen
We went to Bremen with Helle “Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause” and Pepper “Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough”.
On our first day (30-7-2011) Helle became second in the Intermediate Class with an Excellent. Pepper did very well and became “Best Youth”. Our judge that day was mr. Veli-Pekka Kumpumaki from Finland.

On our Second showday the dices rolled a total different way. Pepper became second best in Youth Class with an Excellent. Helle became first in Intermediate Class and after that she gained the titel of “Best Bitch”.
That day She made it quite clear to Jos and me the that running through our garden with her other Cairnfriends and making long walks in the forrest is much more her thing!!! ….. Ooooh those girls!!!


*June 26th 2011*

Pepper “Best Puppie”
On the International Dogshow Genk (B) our young boy Pepper alias Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough became “Best Puppie”. Judge was mrs. Mirja Lapanja (SL).

Thanks Chris, for the picture.

*June 20th 2011*

Pepper “Best Puppie”!
On the Young Dog and Veteran Day organized by the Dutch Cairn Terrier Club on June 19th Pepper alias Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough became “Best Puppie” in the category 6 till 9 months. Our judge was mr. Reinier Goud from the Netherlands. Al though it was a very rainy day we had lots of fun and it was rather cosey in our tent.

Pepper / Red Creek Rebels Rough ‘n Tough

Thanks Ruud Lauritsen for the lovely pictures.

*April 5th 2011*

Dogshow Berlin
On april 2 and 3 we went to Berlin with Helle and Body.
At the Terrier CAC Dogshow Helle / Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause not only became Best Youth.
Mrs. Lisbeth Mach was so fond of her that she made her BOB
One can imagine that we were very happy with that result.
Body of Cairney’s Dream gained his first Veteran CAC.


Mrs. Lisbeth Mach and Helle


On the second day, Int. Doghow Berlin, Helle / Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause became first in Youth-class, got her Youth CACIB and here with gained her Youth Championship VDH & KFT.

Body got his Veteran CAC. One… to go…


Body in action…

It was a lovely weekend. The more that we could see our Danish friends again from Kennel Cale Hill and Kennel Kiokas. When you are having a good time, time flies.
In our case we came short in time…

*February 14th 2011 *


2011 started for Helle (alias Cale Hill’s Rebel with a Cause) with a lovely succes. On the CACIB International Dogshow Rheinberg she became “Rheinland Jugend Sieger”. Here with she gained her second Youth CAC/VDH/KFT certificat. Judge was mrs. Friederike Kappacher from Austria. Furthermore it was very nice to meet other Cairn-friends from Holland and Germany.

A very nice weekend…


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