Puppie info


First three weeks…

Red Creek Rebel pups are born in a special puppie-box in our bedroom.
The first three weeks the mother is taking complete care of them under our supervision. We weight the puppies twice a day. When they are two weeks old they get their first worm treatment and they will be moved into the livingroom where they will get more room to play. In this period they get acquainted with the daily life noises and movements wich are necessary to grow into a well balanced happy Cairn Terrier (socialization).


Four to six weeks…

When the puppies are about four weeks old the puppie-box gets replaced by a bench so they are used to it when they go to their new owners. The feeding and the taking care of will be partly taken over by us from this moment on. The puppies will get their first fast dry-food. They learn to do their needs on a newspaper and they get treated for worms.


Six weeks…

When the puppies are six weeks old they will get a puppie-vaccine and a third worm treatment. The feeding gradually adjust to dry puppie food with some meat. On a nice day, the puppies go outside several times, in a special prepaired part of our garden. So they can get used to the sounds they hear outside, like airplanes which fly over or a tractor which passes by some times on the next door field road. They also get acquainted with our other Cairnfriends who are part of our family and of course they can get used to the bawling of our dear sheep Fleur and Janneke. In this phase they come with us -several times- to make a trip to the market and the animal-park in our neighbourhood. Sometimes we bring them by car so they can get used to car drives as well.


Seven weeks…

As the puppies are seven weeks old they will be chipped by a member of the board of directors (on Cynologic Matters). Several days after they will be tested on livershunt (See the medical pages).


Eight weeks…

After the fourth worm treatment on the age of eight weeks the big moment will be there! The time has come to say goodbye to our puppies and see them leave to a new home and new owners.

And then they take with them:

* Feeding package for about six weeks including a foodscheme
* Toy
* Drybed that smells and has been in the nest
* Vaccinbook and EU-passport
* Livershunt certificate
* contract of sale
* Pedigree (if already in the house) and…

the thought or even the advise that, if you have a question you can always call us…



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