The CAIRN TERRIER … a little dog with a great heart

The Cairn is a little dog with a compact body. Strongly built, and with good bone structure. It is a spirited hardy, restless little busybody, merry, loveable, affectionate, and mischievous, with great personality. A big dog in a small dog’s body. They are very curious, bold and always alert.Their expression reflects a mixture of friendliness, slyness and fearlessness.
They have a stable character and adapt themselves very well to family life, wether in a small or big house, in the country or in the city. The Cairn is very befriended with children and, once acquainted, very kind to visitors.


Courageous and full of temperament

CSC_0092This is a proud and courageous dog with a lot of temperament, but not aggressive. He will hardly ever be temped to fight, but can hold one’s own if necessary.

The Cairn Terrier is very active. It is a terrier, born to be a chaser, with a sharp hearing and exellent eyesight, always ready to swing into action whenever there is trouble.

People who think that by buying a Cairn Terrier they purchased a quiet lap dog, made the wrong decision.

Intelligent and sporting

The Cairn Terrier is a versatile dog, intelligent, eager to learn, curious, loyal to its family members and tolerant. But most of all it is a sporty dog, always ready for some action, a companion for sports loving people. Jogging, long walks, a trip to the seaside, swimming- they love water – playing around in the field or the woods, or simply a game in the garden, your Cairn will always be a real team mate.

The dog school, advisable

Cairns adapt well to their new homes. They love people and appreciate their company. Because of their intelligence, it is important to teach them from the beginning who is the boss. Going to the dog school where they can learn the basic rules of obedience is mostly recommended. Cheeky and easily distracted as they can be, the owner needs some fantasy. They like to do tricks and with a lot of patience you will achieve your goal.

Hound- and watchdog

DSC_01131-300x200By nature a Cairn Terrier is not a barker.

But at the approach of strangers, an unusual noise or by any uncommon situation, he
give alarm at the top of his voice. The fenced backyard is their territory where they prefer to be absolutely sovereign.
The presence of intruders is not tolerated. Vermin and flying game had to experience this.
If the intruder comes from the ground, theCairn will dig it up. The prey will be proudly delivered to the owner.


He protects his home and family and won’t be afraid to take position between his boss and the aggressor with an undeniable expression on his face. On the condition that the Cairn acquainted them as a puppie, he will become good mates with other strange pets. There are plenty of examples of Cairns living in peace with cats and rabbits.


Because of its small size, you can easily take your Cairn with you on holiday. All tese qualities make the Cairn an exellent, all round companion.

“ONCE A CAIRN, ALWAYS A CAIRN” is certainly a correct expression.


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