The dog is more a omnivore than a carnivore.

5The dog is a descendant from the wolf, although those animals are “by set of teeth” selected to the carnivore. By their eating-patron they fit more with the omnivore. In nature they namely do not eat pure meat. They consume their prey with skin and hair, so also the bones (source of vitamins and minerals) and intestines. A dog can get, if necessary, all his nutrients from a vegetable diet. This of course would not be the right menu for your dog, because it is difficult to digest and less tastefull. It illustrates that a meal purely made with meat cannot be sufficient eather.

Pure meat the best a dog can get?

No! As shown before this is certainly not true. A meal consisting only out of meat contains insufficient quantities and the wrong proportions of curtain vitamins and minerals. Meat containes to less calcium and relative few phosphorus. If this injust calcium/phosphorus proportion will not be corrected this can lead to the so called “all meat syndrome”, a clinical picture whereby among other things decalcification of the bones can occure. For instance with young growing dogs this can cause catastrofic tremendous damage. A meal concisting only of meat, has to be adjusted with vitamins and minerals in the right quantity and proportion. Also the well known “what is good for us is good for the dog” is not healthy for the dog. Table left overs contain to less protein, unsufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals but mostly to much fat.

Complete food

DSC_0006-1024x685Like the word is saying, at a complete ready to use meal you do not need to add anything. Only fresh drinking water, unless otherwise is ordered on the package. A complete food contains all necessary nutrients in the right proportions and quantity. Extra additions, like extra vitamins and minerals are in the best case superfluous, but can in the worst case lead to all kind of serious deviation on the kidney or on the skeleton. An overdosis of certain materials (like calcium or phosphorus and vitamin D) can be as unhealthy as a shortness, so do not add these things to a complete meal.

How much food a dog needs!

bon-appetitThe quantity of food a dog needs depends on many factors, like the age and the wight, the surrounding temperature, the activity and of course the calories in the food.

So a work dog (police dog)needs about 50% more energy than a house dog. A sledge dog even needs 300% more. You also find a strong difference of energy in all kind of food. Dry food is more concentrated than canned-food. That is why we can not give you one advice. The best is that you follow the instructions on the package or can.

A balanced meal

It is not easy to make a balanced meal for your Cairn by yourself. It has to contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals in the right quantity. Mistakes are easy made. In eather way: to much or to less of important nutrients can cause all kind of health problems. That is why it is for the best if you give your Cairn an all ready dog meal. Your dog will get a complete balanced meal which contains all the needs. You do not have to add anything.

A balanced meal consist of:

* Protein
* Energy supplier
* Fat
* Energy supplier
* Carbohydrate
* Energy supplier
* Minerals
* Phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium, copper, calcium
* Vitamins They regulate the metabolism and the general function of the body
* Rough fiber Necessary for a good working of the intestinal

Good food is necessary

By far most dogs live in a normal family situation. They don’t have to do extra efforts. Nevertheless it is important to give these dogs a good meal to keep them fit and healthy. Still lot’s of dogs of people live by the idea that dogs are meat-eaters and do not need anything else. (Think about wolves and wild dogs). The prey, in his natural habitat, will be eaten completely including bones and stomach. Naturally it contains also vegetable food remainders/left overs. Do you want, as a future owner, ensure yourself of a good balanced meal, the best you can do is to buy a fabric made meal. Always choose a well known brand. On the lable has to be written complete meal. Do not add extra’s they can be harmfull. By many dogowners the taste of dryfood is described as one sideness. You can do something about that. Once in a while add very small amounts (max. 5 or 10 gram each meal) meat (cecar or energique) so the taste will change but not the composition of the meal.


Fresh, clean water has to be available all day!


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